How Home-Based ABA Therapy Sessions Can Help Your Child Walk Out Of Autism By Improving Their Eye Contact, Response To Their Name, Imitation Skills, Attention & Focus, And Speech

AutismSTEP specialises in overcoming the early traits of Autism with the ABA Methodology that helps children (Age 12 months to 12 years old) to go into mainstream school

Here's What Your Child Will Learn

  • Engage in sustained eye contact

  • Respond to name and instructions consistently

  • Develop age appropriate play skills

  • Ability to imitate the actions of others

  • Develop joint attention and the ability to point

  • Verbally communicate their exact needs

  • Attention and awareness to others and surroundings

  • Significantly improve the ability to sit and stay on task

  • Self regulate their own emotions to reduce tantrums

  • Minimise their obsession like looking at spinning objects and numbers

  • Building self confidence

  • And so much more...

What is AutismSTEP Approach to Teaching Children with Autism?

  • Individualized Programme - It seeks to understand your child’s learning needs through a detailed consultation using standardised assessment tools.

  • One to One - Through individual therapy sessions, we maintain the focus specifically on your child’s needs.

  • Daily Data Taking - Your child’s performance is closely observed and noted every session to keep track of his/her progress.

  • Supervised Sessions - Sessions are monitored to ensure that the quality of therapy is of the highest standards.

  • Monthly Updates - We will provide you with a monthly progress report that summarises the improvement your child makes every month.

  • ABA Methods - It’s a well-researched and clinically-proven technique that can provide significant improvement in children with Autism.

  • Detailed Goal Settings - We use an Individualised Education Plan (IEP) which is set every three months to keep us constantly focused on our goals.

  • Certified Therapist-  AutismSTEP’s passionate therapists are all Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT) by the BCBA

  • Home Based- Therapy sessions are conducted in the comforts of your own home to minimise logistics difficulties and maximise learning in a familiar environment.

Just Like Other Children We Have Worked With Before,
Here Are The Improvements Your Child Can Achieve:

Our Learning Materials

This is Suitable For:

  • Parents who have Children with Autism aged 12 months to 12 years old.
  • Parents who want their child to Transit Smoothly Into a Mainstream School.
  • Parents who want their child to Remove the Traits of Autism 

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What Other Parents Say

All the while, I never thought there was anything wrong with my 2 years old until she went for her routine checkup and was referred by the paediatrician to see a Development specialist and speech therapist. It took me a while to sink into the words “possible mild autism”. I then realised that it is true that she was lagging behind her peers in terms of speech as she wasn’t even calling “daddy” and “mummy”.

Anxiety set in and I spent sleepless nights praying and wondering what could I do. Googling late into the nights to see what are signs of autism and ways to reverse autism wasn’t helping. I finally shared my worry with my friends and was informed by a friend who was having same problem to approach the Programme Manager, Liyuan. That night, despite it was over 10pm, I messaged Liyuan and he was kind enough to talk to me over the phone and came over to assess my girl the following day. Liyuan was able to observe my girl in ways I could not do so as a layman and gave me immediate guidance on what to do to improve her conditions. I signed the therapy package on the same day in Jul 2017.

The Case Manager came and I took leaves to see how he worked with my girl. Amazing! He has the patience to teach my girl and that was the first time I saw my girl so complying which never took place before. I also did electronic fasting for 30 days (zero I-pad and curtain over the television set) during that period. After a few sessions with him, my girl went for follow up with the speech therapist and development specialist in NUH and I was informed that my girl improved so much in speech and eye contact and the therapist asked me what have I done to help my girl to improve so much.
Now, my girl can express a lot in words, but because she said “make milk” instead of “I want milk” and “carry me” instead of “daddy carry me”, she has to go through last check up with the therapist at NUH in two months time. NUH therapist told me she is no longer that concern about my child’s developement anymore as my child is reaching her milestones very soon.

I wouldn’t say the therapy session is cheap, but I would say my girl’s development is priceless to me. Family members and friends keep telling me that my girl is doing well and the fact that she is deemed “normal” is the greatest comfort to me. Thank you Liyuan for helping my precious girl to reach her milestones. You are doing a wonderful job! And Liyuan, yes, you have kept your promise in helping my girl!

June Age of child: 2 years old

I would like to express my appreciation of AutismSTEP for their work tenure with my daughter.

The therapist i had, seemingly “soft” which was deemed contrasting to the ability to handle the hyper activity and non compliant nature of my daughter, she has surprised us otherwise by her perseverance that has enabled her bonding with my daughter to strengthen from lesson to lesson. This, we feel as parents is one of the important attributes required in this role. This also has enabled the follow on engagement. Apart from this, the therapist has also been accommodating to changes which has given us the added flexibility in managing our daughter’s schedule.

On this note, we would like to reiteriate our endorsement for the therapist of AutismSTEP. She indeed is a good therapist and we, with Audrey enjoyed working with her.

Thank you.

Angel Age of child: 4 years old

Divyanka is my oldest daughter, aged 8. When she first started ABA therapy under the guidance of Liyuan and his team, she was completely non-verbal. I was a stay-home mom at that time and attempted to toilet train her on my own but failed. The team effectively worked on a toilet regime, which worked out so well with Divyanka. In 6 months she was not only able to independently go to the toilet but was also able to verbalise her need to go to the toilet. Her constant frustrations with not being able to communicate also reduced greatly as she started to speak at age 5 for the first time, thanks to Liyuan and his team of magicians.

The compliance, which she obtained from her ABA therapy, has served as a good foundation for Divyanka to learn better and follow instructions well. We were lucky to have Liyuan as our Programme Manager as there were many circumstances that he extended a helping hand or tried his level best to make things work for us. We live in Malaysia and he even made time to make a home visit to another country, which was wonderful as his suggestions helped Divyanka greatly.

Thank you for making a difference in our lives.

Durga  Age of child: 5 years old

We can see a great improvement on Ruo Xi but due to my work schedule Ruo Xi will travel with me on and off to oversea. The team from AutismSTEP has been great teacher and both of them really put effort to guide my daughter and now she have a great eye contact and respond . The great 3 months + really mean a lot to me and my family after seeing her for the fast improvement . I would like to thank both of them for their patience and effort to teach Ruo Xi. Without knowing AutismSTEP I really don’t know who I should share my worry and concern of Ruo Xi. Thank you for everything ?

Chu Sheng  Age of child: 3.5 years old

Thank you for being the transformation teacher for Aarav.

When we came in here – we were bit lost and also were trying hard to get accustomed to Singapore, Child Education and raising a child itself.

So after a tough phase in Aarav’s school, when Liyuan Offered help – we lapped it up. The suggested process looked like it could work but only if you can experience it.

Thank you for being who you are. You have been able to help Aarav in recognising who he is and has pushed the envelope. With your help, Aarav has gained a foothold in his own personal space and you also had a calming impact on him. I especially would like to appreciate your understanding, approach and composure. The empathy and human side of yours make you a better teacher than the rest. I would value you as a friend and a teacher who also taught me a few things.

I would like to thank you for all your hard work and the different ways to make Aarav learn things. Again, we are truly thankful to have you as his teacher.

Stay blessed.

Dharni Gupta  Age of child: 3 years 3 months old

At 18 months, Janice was not having consistent eye contacts with people around her.

My wife and i got very worried. Luckily, I found Li Yuan and his team; AutismSTEP.

I have to say Li Yuan is very passionate about his line of work, he explained to me about ABA and how it help to correct children behaviours. Li Yuan is very confident and experienced in this line.

In only 2 weeks, i have seen very good results, Janice started to have more eye contact with more people and myself.

Janice has went through the programme for 2 months now, i am very satisified with the result. She has developed so much in social skills in these 2 months.

AustimSTEP provides progressive tracking of behaviour improvements and also tackling all fundamental development areas for children.

Thank you so much to Li Yuan and his team. I highly recommend AustimSTEP.

Mr Heng  Age of child: 18 months

About AutismSTEP


AutismSTEP is based in Singapore and is founded by Zhang Liyuan who has over 18 years of experience working with children with Autism. He graduated with a degree in Psychology from NUS. He started his career as a Behavioral therapist when he was still an undergrad and has not change his career path since then. During his career, Liyuan also went to Australia for training and returned back to Singapore after he has completed his training.

He has worked with children as young as 14 months old and adults as old as 34 years old. He has also worked with people with autism from low to high functioning all over the world like China, Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Hong Kong, Myanmar, India, United Kingdom, Finland and Singapore. Liyuan’s goal for every family is for every child to be independent and when their parent’s eventually passed on, the parents are confident that their children is able to take care of themselves.

AutismSTEP has helped more than 500 children and many of these children has transited smoothly into mainstream schools. AutismSTEP a team of more than 40 therapists. 


AutismSTEP is the biggest ABA centre in Singapore. In addition to the proven years of success, the company has been awarded many times. AutismSTEP has won the Best in early intervention programme for children with Autism for multiple times and has also won the title of Singapore Successful Brand. 

Seeing your child improve motivates us to do better.

Our Team

Our team of passionate behavioural therapist. Majority of us holds a degree in Psychology. Others have education in related fields like degree in special needs and early childhood. All of them have prior experience with children with special needs. They are all required to be a certified RBT.

Where We Are


9 Temasek Boulevard Suntec Tower 2 #29-01 Singapore 038989

If you want your child to experience the improvement seen in other children who joined our sessions,

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